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Spam Soup!

Deliciously salty

No stay in Hawai'i is complete without eating some spam. The locals call a noodle soup with miso broth, spam, and other strange ingredients "Saimin", but to me it will always be Spam Soup. Here's my own recipe.


1/2 package of firm tofu
1/3 tin of Spam
2 eggs
1/3 stick of violently dyed fish cake
2 packages of udon noodles
1 package of miso soup powder
vegetables of your choice
oil or butter
salt (!) and pepper to taste


Cut up the tofu and spam into small cubes. Stir up the eggs. Slice and halve the fish cake.

Prepared ingredients for spam soup
Hilo, Hawai'i (February 9th, '08)


1) Start the water boiling for the noodles, and add the miso soup mix. In a frying pan, fry up the tofu and veggies in a bit of oil or butter until cooked, ; towards the end toss in the spam and some pepper (if you are crazy, add extra salt). If you like, you can put in some of the miso mix too at this point.

Frying up the spam, veggies, and tofu
Hilo, Hawai'i (February 9th, '08)

2) Add the eggs to the frying pan and cook till done to your liking, and cook the noodles (only takes a couple of minutes). When everything is pretty much done, toss the sliced fish cake into the soup. Don't do this too early or you get violently pink rubber.

Frying the eggs and boiling the noodles
Hilo, Hawai'i (February 9th, '08)

3) Add the contents of the frying pan to your soupy-noodly stuff, and eat immediately.

Delicious bowl of spam soup
Hilo, Hawai'i (February 9th, '08)

4) Watch your sodium levels skyrocket! Note: The fried stuff gets squishy if left in the soup too long, so if you want to save some for later, I suggest you keep the two parts separate until you are ready to eat them.

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