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5 Months in Hawai'i

Life in paradise

When I was offered the opportunity to work for the Joint Astronomy Centre for 5 months in Hawai'i, I made the most of a great working holiday. I had the chance to work with a great team, make some good friends, and do a lot of travelling on 4 of the islands of Hawai'i.

This is a (non-chronological) photo journal of some of the sights and activities I enjoyed while in Hawai'i. It's a fantastic place to live and explore, and I hope everyone who visits this site has the chance to go there someday. I'm sure I'll be back!

Friends and Family
Spam Soup!

Hawai'i : The Big Island

The Merrie Monarch Festival
Volcanoes National Park
Active lava flows
Saddle Road
Mauna Kea
Historical Sites
The Kohala Coast
South Point
SCUBA diving
The Cats of Hawai'i

Maui : The Valley Isle

Whale watching
The 'Iao Valley
The Road to Hana
Maui Ocean Centre

Kaua'i : The Garden Isle

Kaua'i's North Coast
Kaua'i's South Coast
Kalalau Trail

Moloka'i : The Friendly Isle

Papohaku Beach
Mo'omomi Preserve
North Moloka'i Sights
South Moloka'i Sights
East Moloka'i Sights

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